David Clulow was established in 1962 and has been growing and growing ever since. There are currently over 30 David Clulow opticians based throughout the UK.

Having started in the more prestigious areas of London, David Clulow has positioned themselves     has an high end opticians and one that offers a good environment for their staff.

With David Clulow seen as one of the most well respected opticians around. They have managed to get to this position by tapping into the niche market. They offer only the highest standards of eye tests, sunglasses, quality optical care and spectacles, however what sets David Clulow apart from the rest, there products are top of the range.

Because David Clulow pride themselves on high standards that also applies to their working environment  they offer so more than just a lavish working environment at David Clulow.

David Clulow is a company that has the best of both worlds,  it is big enough to offer a secure career path but small enough to allow you to get noticed.

One big “bonus” for people that join David Clulow is the potential for people to push themselves and earn good bonus over and above the already competitive salary package on offer.